Wellness Visits

SYA also conducts annual wellness visits as a preventative measure for mental health, to build officer trust in counseling, and reduce stigma in the law enforcement culture. Wellness visits are private and confidential conversations between the first responder and mental health professional to discuss any problems the first responder or civilian may be experiencing and determine whether additional services are needed or may be beneficial.

SYA likes to use Wellness visits as an opportunity to provide information and support to first responders about ways to maintain mental wellness while looking at the physical (sleep, exercise, hydration, and nutrition), mental (mindset, work-life balance, coping strategies), and social (support system, friends, family, co-workers, group activities) factors.  SYA providers also discusses self-care and how stress accumulates and can impact physical health and cognitive function.

SYA works collaboratively with the first responder to strengthen resiliency and gain the necessary tools to manage stress and trauma. These screenings can last 30-60 minutes.

SYA also conducts return-to-duty screenings, critical incident check-ins, post-incident (OIS) debriefings, and transition assistance for officers preparing for retirement in the form of brief counseling.

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